Carolina Spa Repair - Saving North Carolina 1 Spa at a Time
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We specialize in servicing, repairing and complete equipment switch outs in all brands of Hot Tubs.

Carolina Spa Repair offers many services for you to better enjoy your Hot Tub such as:  

Service Agreements,Check out all equipment thoroughly,Drain and clean inside the Tub,Wash outside of Tub,Wash and Treat Hot Tub Cover with Cover Shield 

Call or Email for prices on any part such as-     
Covers, Pillows, Filters, Chemicals, Ozonators, Silver Ion, Pumps.

The ONE & ONLY place in North Carolina where you can get Naturel Spa.

It's so simple. Just pour in a bottle of Naturel Spa into your spa or hot tub, hose off the filters and you're good to go for the next two months.

No testing. No pH balancing. No toxic chemicals. Just one bottle of Naturel Spa added to a 500-gallon spa will eliminate foam, odors and cloudiness for two months under normal use. 

Adam McCorquodale

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